The “Be Active- Shape Europe” project is developed by 6  European Municipalities recognizing the importance to jointly address the subject of youth engagement and active European citizenship. The aim was to bring municipalities in Europe together and to offer a platform for exchange and mutual learning on the topic of youth work. The long-term aim of the project is to raise young people’s awareness, enhance their interest in political and civic life ending up at raising their engagement to political procedures such as European elections 2019.





Young people and decision makers

from 6 different countries will meet and discuss issues such as values of democracy, multiculturalism and social cohesion. Their interaction and the exchange of best practices among them will result in raising of active citizenship, re-consideration of their perceptions towards European values and contemplation about further involvement in society and political life. The expected outcome of the project is the motivation of young people and their participation in political life respecting diverse identities, cultural differences and various political aspects, especially in European Elections of 2019

This project will be implemented

simultaneously in 6 countries by organizing national structured dialogue activities and national workshops. Young people, civil society, local authorities, policy makers and stakeholders of EU will participate to the workshops and discussions for the future of EU contributing to a paper that will be developed including proposals for the support of democratic engagement, direct democracy and youth engagement. Transnational conferences will also be organized and a workshop in Thessaloniki will act as the closing ceremony for all stakeholders where future initiatives and actions will be addressed

Working Plan of the Project

The project comprises of a mixture of activities that aim to boost the interest of the participants within all phases and reach high impact. Thus, the project consists of the following activities:

Structured Dialogue in each partner’s country

National workshop in each partner

Transnational Simulation in Thessaloniki, Greece

Transnational Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece


“Be Active- Shape Europe”

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